You ask, we answer. With the right part.

Products by Linecard, Amazing, CyberPower, LM Technologies, Innodisk
  • Partners

    ce Global Sourcing GmbH builds on a network of innovation experts and market leaders. Our contract partners distinguish themselves with many years of expert know-how and competence and are in complete alignment with our customers’ requirements and challenges.

  • Linecard

    Are you interested in products made by manufacturers not listed here? No problem – of course we have access to many further suppliers. Simply get in touch with our sales/distribution staff or send an email to sales(at)

  • Enquiry

    Whatever you need in connection with electronic components, whether you want to deplete overstocked items or replenish your inventory as quickly as possible, whether you need consulting or information on what the market is doing, just ask us.

You ask, we answer. With the right part.

Franchising is a sales/distribution system which is based on partnership with the objective of promoting sales. The manufacturer, acting as a so-called franchiser, grants partners (distributors) the right to do business with the manufacturer’s products or services in the manufacturer’s name. The manufacturer creates an overall business concept which the manufacturer’s distributors independently implement at their own site or in their own region. The distributor is a legally independent entrepreneur who is responsible for his own operations. Franchising thus unites the advantages of direct distribution (e.g. consistent brand presentation and direct proximity to the market) with the advantages of indirect distribution, e.g. above-average engagement of legally independent sales/distribution partners, the distributors.

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