Innodisk innovative Flash and DRAM products

Innodisk innovative Flash and DRAM products for your industrial application

Innodisk offers highest quality standards, absolute reliability and best performance.

At Innodisk, we are dedicated to serving our customers and business partners. Our devotion is best seen in our commitment to Absolute Service, the spirit of friendly, enthusiastic service that fills each member of the Innodisk team since 2005. 

With a dedication to Absolute Service™ and a commitment to quality, customization, and innovation, Innodisk continues to provide our customers and business partners with the finest industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies.

Pin 7
Thermal Sensor
iData Guard
Garbage Collection/TRIM

Within the industry, innodisk are widely-recognized for its expertise and responsiveness in the customization of industrial embedded memory. Innodisk experienced in-house firmware development team is staffed by industry specialists and delivers fast turn-around and knowledgable support, providing its customer with the most effective firmware customization solutions.

Quality is vitally important when it comes to industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products. That’s why we manufacture all of our products in our own purpose-built memory production facility. Innodisk offers an additional variety of unique Embedded Peripheral Modules.

You will find here the latest Product Catalogue 2015 as *.pdf download.

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